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ZALF Home office Labyrith L2x_labyrinth.jpeg

Italian craftsmanship meets practicality

Space Generating  Designs

  • Flexible space and design solutions. 

  • Furniture that becomes an architectural element

  • Elegantly divide and define spaces in several ways

High modularity for flexible arrangements 

  • Transition between multiple configurations

  • Create distinct, purpose-built zones that transform spaces

  • Adapt to new needs within the same space

Home Systems, Wardrobes, Bedrooms, Bookcases & shelving, Complements, Home Offices

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Home and Night Systems


Flexible, minimalistic designs that optimise space organisation.

Zalf SpaceMakers Home 2023_P18.jpg

A modular system with Plana push and pull doors, bookcase modules, an open corner unit, a niche fitted with glass shelves and another niche containing a seat. Pumice and brick finishes.


Blue and walnut Modular panels; walnut wall units with City Glass doors in fumé transparent glass with burnished frames; blue floor-level base units, deep drawers and Plana push&pull doors; walnut floating desk; burnished metal shelves.

Zalf Modular Freespace L2x_sm2201_1.jpeg
ZALF WINDY L2x_sm2224_2.jpeg

Windy system with floor-to-ceiling poles, charcoal shelves, walnut units with Plana push & pull drop-down doors, walnut wall units with City Glass lift-up doors in fumé transparent glass with a burnished frame; Upholstered Siparium panel, with Creta C06 fabric hanging organisers; walnut desk.


Sideboard with a burnished modular base, pumice storage units with Grip fronts and burnished profiles; Vuotopieno wall units in pumice and charcoal.

ZALF SIDEBOARD Systems L2x_sm2223.jpeg


A wide range with mix and match finishes, depths and heights. Click on image to read about the design.

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Padded beds in a vast range of fabrics and eco-leathers, with headboards and storage. Wall panelling designed to accommodate accessories and LED lights. Click on image to read about the design.

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SpaceMakers YOUNG

Living spaces for young people. The use of space mutates continuously to adapt to constantly transforming new needs. Click on image to read about the design.